Charli Diary From πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³

Team China

My 3 favourite parts of China is bartering because I like to change the price and if I don’t get the price I want then i walk away and they chase after me and say “ok ok” it is so funny.
I also liked the roller coaster in the Tower it had virtual reality which made it really scary but it was still fun.
And I also liked the cruise because I liked to see all the lights that were surrounding us.

My three favourite things were the insect market which is more like a animal market because there was lots of my favourite animals which are the turtles, the squirrels kitty’s, the dogs and the frogs.
I liked the Museum because it was cool looking at the giant Shanghai map thing
I liked today’s lunch because we had dumplings but I didn’t like people videoing me eating.

My three favourite things yesterday were going to the school to make car refreasheners with lavenders. I also liked the food at the school for the snack and lunch but they both filled me up. I also liked the Humble Ed Ministrator’s garden looking at the nice things that one famous designer.

My three favourite things on day three were bartering at the yuan gardens. I also liked doing the exercises that the men do to find love. I also liked the temple when I could try to throw a coin into the tall good luck thing.

My day four favourites were going to another market to barter. I also liked the museum we went to.

My day five favourites were going to the silk factory to see how silk is made and I really liked it. I also liked it when Mia got her massage thing out and gave Charlotte, Bells, and I a massage.

My day six favourites things were the food at the school even though there was to much. I also like seeing Alice.