Gryffin Diary From πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³

Day 2
We went to the Pearl Tower and went on the see-through floor, which looked really scary. Also at the Pearl Tower we went on the virtual reality roller coaster, which would have been awesome if my headset hadn’t fallen off halfway! We went to the market, where I bought myself a pika plush and a lot of other stuff. After Pearl Tower we went to a Buddhist temple, where we tried throwing a acorn into the middle of a statue, and I got 2 in.
Day 3
We went to the Yin Yang gardens, where I bought so much stuff I didn’t have enough yuan to buy anything at Starbucks.😫 After that we went to a very expensive cafe where two things cost about 53 yuan😡. I had some fried chicken breast, and some prawn dumplings. After dinner we went on a cruise, where I bought a bucket of popcorn.
Day 4
The highlights of today was going shopping and buying a new Apple Watch as well as a lot of other stuff.We also went to the insect market which looked really cruel.😭 The only highlight about it was the cute little squirrels that kept climbing on their cages.We’ve went to the Shanghai Planning Museum where there was an ENORMOUS model of Shanghai.
Day 5
We travelled to Suzhou on the tour coach today, and on the trip we learned about the silk factory, where silk worms get boiled to death πŸ’€ while in their cocoons, then they got taken out delicately to not ruin the silk. After the silk factory we came to the Suzhou park hotel, which was HUGE! The t.vs rotated 180 degrees, we had a really good view and nearly everything else was awesome!
Day 6
Today we went to xincheng garden primary school to meet our home stay kid, and the school’s tech is better than Australia’s! Their characters are SO neat. Isaiah didn’t get to come because he didn’t have a home stay kid. After the school we went back to the hotel for an hour, to wait for our home stay kids parents. Kate, Chen and I all went out for dinner with James’ parents, and I was really full.
Day 7
I woke up this morning in James’ house, and had a big breakfast, which was delicious. Then I went back to the school, where I handed out as many gifts as I could, which was a lot. Then I went back to the hotel where we got ready to learn some Kung fu πŸ₯‹ . We saw a performance where a man broke a real metal bar, OVER HIS HEAD!
Day 8
Today we loaded our luggage and ourselves on the bus, to head back to the Shanghai Park Hotel. Along the way we stopped at Water Town, still at Suzhou. Our tour guide organised a treasure hunt, where we had to find five different patterns. After that we got back on the bus we had to sit down for a long time before we got back off. The dinner today was very delicious πŸ˜‹.
Day 9
Today we went on a walk to the Huang Pu river, or the Bund whatever you want to call it. After we visited it we went into a shop where I bought a we bear bears hat with ice bear, grizzly bear and panda bear on it. I also bought a packet o white rabbits, which are Chinese lollies, and they are delicious πŸ˜‹. We went on a bullet train which got up to around 400 kilometres per hour. Then we had to wait around for an hour at Pudong airport, until our bus with our luggage inside arrived. Then it took about another hour until we got through customs, then another 20 minutes until we got on the plane ✈️. Very tiring day πŸ˜΄πŸ²πŸ‰.